Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts at Otago Polytechnic embraces tastes and explores the concept of multi-sensory food design. Culinary Arts is about more than just food; during your studies, you will focus on the creative process, sensory experiences behind the ingredients and develop an understanding of business principles. 

Our Culinary Arts programme will give you the technical cooking skills, creative design tools and innovative business practices to become a market leader within the ever-evolving world of food. 
With our practical approach to learning, you’ll explore, experiment and experience. For our food truck and test kitchens, you will design meaningful dishes and food products all while studying how food relates to creative thinking and innovative enterprise.  

You will graduate into a globally recognised field to become a chef, artisan food producer, food stylist or even to work in product branding.  The world will be your oyster. 

Culinary Arts qualifications

Food & Hospitality

This programme will provide you with the hands-on experience to learn specialised and innovative culinary techniques with a competitive edge. Business modelling, brand development and marketing strategies will be a feature of your studies. Through real-life projects with local businesses, you’ll develop the skills to apply your knowledge to everyday situations. Your individual projects are tailored to be responsive to the area(s) of food that interest you.


3 Years


On campus



Career potential

Artisan Food Producer, Chef, Culinary Lead, Entrepreneur, Food Stylist, Recipe Developer

Cross-credit and fast-track

Cross-credit and fast-track

We can recognise and give academic credit for existing skills and experience or previous qualif...

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